Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

This past Saturday, I was out for a walk in my neighborhood. I love getting outside, feeling the sun on my skin, listening to the birds. And I love the feeling of moving.

Well, as I often do on my walks, I stopped in our neighborhood park to do one of my favorite things: swing on the swings. 

Why do I love doing this? Well, a part of me enjoys the feeling of an adult playing on the swings. Adults just shouldn’t do that, right? Of course, those of you who’ve been in my world for a little bit know how I feel about the word “should”.

But more significantly, I swing on the swings because they make me feel uncomfortable. You see, I can get vertigo quite easily – in a car, in a Zumba class, and on the swings. So why would I want to subject myself to that feeling regularly?

Because its important to practice

getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

A lot of our unwanted eating behaviors, and a lot of the reasons we seem to stay stuck, stem from our inability to tolerate being uncomfortable – with our feelings, with situations, etc.

But transformation lies on the other side of discomfort.

As for myself, allowing myself to experience and be ok with being uncomfortable has been key to my own healing.

If you want to practice getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, I have the perfect thing for you. My Love Yourself First Challenge will have you engaging in 7 mirror play activities designed to help you:

  • Transform your negative self-talk
  • Let go of past hurts
  • Release your inner critic
  • Cultivate gratitude towards your body, and…
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

The activities are simple, they don’t take up much time, but their effect can be quite powerful. Here’s what some have said about this challenge:

“I got so much more out of this than I was expecting.”

“After completing this challenge, I felt tons of compassion, patience, and deep love for myself and my body.”

“This has helped me so much I intend on using the entire challenge as a way to start my day.”

“What will I take from participating in this challenge? I will take the memory of feeling truly happy.”

I wonder what you might get out of it?

I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity. But it’s your choice as to whether you are ready to take on some discomfort in order to experience transformation.

Whatever you decide, I’m going to keep swinging on my swings.