How was your summer vacation?

Hey, I have a question for you: How was your summer vacation?

You may be thinking: Why is she asking me that? Aren’t we just heading into summer vacation season? Has she finally lost it?

Nope, I haven’t lost it. I realize we are coming up on vacation season. So why am I asking you how yours was?

Well, I want you think about how you’d like to answer that question come fall.

You see, for me, summer vacation used to be an obsessive food fest. Wherever we were planning to go, I would  meticulously scout out where I wanted to eat, and what I would want to eat.

I remember one year we spent a couple days in Savannah, GA. I planned ahead and found a bunch of spots that looked great, you know, great breakfast buffet, nice lunch spot, a historic ice cream parlor, etc. And over the next couple days, we visited all those. Now, I had saved what looked like the best one for last. But honestly, by the time we got to that restaurant, I was so bloated from my food over-extravaganza that I didn’t want to even look at food. But guess what? I still ate it. I just didn’t enjoy it.

Back then, vacation really was all about the food. But that was the old food-obsessive me.

Now I take a different approach.

Now I plan what it is that I want to do, what I want to experience, what memories I want to create.

And I plan how I can get the most out of those adventures. How can I have the best energy and mindset to play full-out in those experiences? And, yes, some of those experiences still involve the pleasure of food.

To stay my best while on vacation so that I can get the most out of it, I’ve learned what works for me:

  • Eat a healthy nutritious breakfast – just like I do at home. I bring my protein shakes with me, along with my Magic Bullet and/or a shaker bottle, and I either mix them with water or I buy some non-dairy milk. That breakfast gives me consistent, steady energy throughout the day. I may go out for breakfast too, but then, it’s usually eggs and lots of vegetables – because it tastes great and I want to feel great.
  • Bring my supplements. I know how I feel when I don’t take them, and I don’t want that. Thankfully, my supplements come in easy, portable pouches.
  • Bring some healthy snacks, just in case. If I’m flying, or if I’m going to go walking or hiking, I like having a nutritious snack available. Protein bars, nuts and seeds are great options.
  • Boost my immunity. How many times have you gotten sick during your vacation, or right when you return home? That’s no fun. A couple days before I go, I take action to boost my immunity. I have a few products I use for this: an immunity boost energy disc, an immunity boosting spray (contains a blend of zinc, Echinacea, reishi mushroom, and more), and essential oils.
  • When I’m eating out, I take extra care to eat slowly and mindfully, making sure I savor the foods I’m eating. After all, they typically aren’t everyday foods, are they? So why not take extra time to really enjoy them, especially away from the hustle and bustle of every day life?

With these strategies, I find I am able to enjoy all that my vacation destination has to offer, and come home feeling refreshed.

Notice the difference: Instead of vacation being a gorge-fest, as in times past, I make very similar food choices when I’m away as I do at home. I choose foods that are going to make me feel my best and help support me in getting the most out of my day.While on vacation, getting the most out of my day means new people, new places, new activities, and new foods. But especially new memories.

So again, I ask, how was your vacation?

What are you going to do to make the most out of it? I’d love to hear what’s worked for you. Comment below!

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