I know what to do! I just don’t do it!

I don’t know about you, but I love connecting with people. Whether it’s through email, social media, on the phone, or in person. I love hearing people’s stories and sharing simple tips and strategies they can use to improve their lives.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is facilitate a workshop discussion. I was reminded of this recently, when I gave a talk at a women’s networking group.

The title of the talk was “I know what to do, but I just don’t do it!”

Have you ever thought this about yourself?

I chose this title and topic because

  1. People say this to me so often.
  2. I don’t believe it’s true!

I do believe that people think they know what to do. But that thinking, or that knowing, is based on information gleaned from a number of different sources ranging from friends and family folklore to what they read in books, magazines, on the internet, etc. The information from these sources is usually about what to eat and how to move.

And for every recommendation out there, it seems you can find the exact opposite recommendation. It’s enough to make one want to pull her hair out! (Don’t worry, I won’t do that).

Here’s the thing, though.

1. Everyone is unique – in physiology, psychology, and personality. So “what to eat and how to move” is going to be different for everybody.

2. Because our bodies are constantly changing, we actually want to be constantly adjusting. We don’t want to find the one thing that works. Sounds like a lot of work to keep adjusting, right? But if you are tuned into and you trust your body wisdom (as you once were when you were an infant), the adjustment just comes naturally.

3. There’s a lot more to health than just what you eat and how you move. As I like to say, “what you eat is only part of the story”. How, when, where, who, and why play just as big, if not a bigger, role. Research shows that these other dimensions affect your appetite, your metabolism, and your health.

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