Serving and Giving Back

I just got back from spending 9 days away, split between Las Vegas and Sedona. I was in Vegas to attend an Isagenix convention, the highlight of which was a 4 hour seminar with Tony Robbins (I’ll tell you more about that in a separate post). In Sedona, I spent 2 days masterminding with my coach.

And now I’m feeling so inspired and wanting to serve!

But I’m also feeling melancholy. My mother’s birthday fell during the time I was away and I found myself thinking about her a lot. She passed away a number of years ago from ovarian cancer, and September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

I’ve been trying to reconcile these feelings, and then it hit me how I can both serve and honor her memory.

I’ve decided to offer “Pay What You Want” transformational coaching calls and donate 50% of the proceeds to my local hospice organization, where my mother spent her final days.

What is a transformational coaching call?

We start with a simple question “What do you want” and then dive into what’s preventing you from having that in your life. Using masterful transformational coaching methods, we uncover and transform limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck so you can move into the YOU you need to be to achieve what you want.

This is not a sales call. This is not the same as my complimentary Breakthrough Session. We’ll be digging in and using techniques that I only use with my private clients.

What do you mean by “Pay What You Want”?

Precisely that. Even though the call is valued at $200, you decide what you want to pay, knowing that 50% will be donated to charity.

Just click this link to submit your payment. Once you do, I will send you a link to schedule your call.

You can’t just offer an unlimited number of these, right?

That’s right. This opportunity is valid now through September 30 as long as there are openings on my calendar. Once my calendar fills up, the payment link will be disabled. All calls must be completed by October 15, and there are no refunds.

But I also know that not everyone will take advantage. It takes a special kind of person to jump on something like this.

But wait … there’s more

Through September 30, I’m also going to donate 50% of the proceeds from any enrollments in my course Empower Your Relationship with Food. When you enroll, you get lifetime access to the course materials, the private Facebook group where I hang out, and the Q&A calls.  

Check out the link and see what others have had to say about it. I’ve been floored by the transformation that’s been happening!

So if you’d like to help me serve and give back:

            Click here to secure your Pay What You Want transformational coaching session.

            Click here to enroll in Empower Your Relationship With Food.