You have a superpower!

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me on Facebook, you know that I recently spent time in Las Vegas for an Isagenix convention. The last half of the last day, we were treated to four hours with Tony Robbins.

To say there were a lot of good nuggets would be an understatement. I took 6 pages of notes. But I wanted to share my biggest takeaway. And honestly, it isn’t something that’s new to me. But it may be new to you. Here it is.

You have the power
to choose your experience.

Consider this your superpower. Really.

People vastly underestimate their own power, their ability to choose how they experience the world.

There are people with very little who are living happy lives, and there are people with much who are living miserable lives.

What’s the difference?

They are making different choices concerning:

  1. What to focus on
  2. What meaning to make of it
  3. What action to take

What you focus on has a huge impact on your experience. What you focus on grows. In addition, you tend to be blinded to things outside your focus.

For example, you can choose to focus on what you don’t have or on what you do have. Which do you want to grow?

Next, we get to choose what meaning we make out of the things that come into our focus. Do we choose to make it mean we aren’t good enough, we’ll never get there? Or do we choose to make it mean we are moving forward, we are unstoppable?

Of course, the meaning you choose is then going to influence how you choose to act.

But it all starts with what you choose to focus on.

You can choose to focus on things that lead you into a state of beauty (Tony’s words) or a state of suffering.

What do I mean by state of beauty? That’s where gratitude, love, happiness, joy, compassion, and service live. Above the line.

The state of suffering is characterized by stress, anxiety, fear, anger, depression, sadness. These are below the line.

Now, there’s no expectation that we’ll be above the line all the time. I believe it’s natural to experience the full range of emotions – they do have their purpose. But because we have the power of choice, we can choose to move ourselves above, or even below, the line when we want.

The easiest way to quickly move yourself above the line is to make a choice. You can choose to think of something you are grateful for, or choose to think of a happy memory and really step into for a few seconds. That will help move you above the line if you feel yourself dipping below and don’t want to stay there.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Really, it is.

So how will you use your superpower this week? What will you choose to focus on?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Either comment on this post or share on my Facebook page, using hashtag #IHaveASuperpower.


With gratitude,