Who do you surround yourself with?

Have you heard that expression You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?

There’s truth to it, of course, and that’s part of what makes change difficult. When you’re the person trying to be different, while those around you are staying where they’re at, there can be conflict and you may end up sabotaging yourself in order to continue feeling connected to your peeps. It’s like – you try to step a little bit outside the circle, but as Michael Corleone said, “they pull me back in.”

If you’re trying to break free of dieting, if you’re trying to become an intuitive embodied eater, ask yourself: are your five closest people wedded to diet culture and to the myth that dieting makes you thinner and healthier (a topic for another day)?

I mean, if you were concerned about the effect of second hand smoke on your health and well-being, would you surround yourself with smokers? I didn’t think so.

So what can you do about it?

Well, you can’t change people, but you can be an example and continue to express your true self. Then they can choose to move towards or away from your example. You can speak your mind, talk about what you are doing, and see if they lift you up or bring you down. And guess what, if they bring you down, you need to face the hard truth that they may not be right for you at this stage of your life.

I’m about to travel to Las Vegas for an Isagenix convention where there will be about 15,000 people in attendance. Yup, it’s big. I mean, Tony Robbins is delivering the keynote.

I love Isagenix superfood nutrition products. They make me feel great, they taste great, they are an important part of my everyday well-being.

What I don’t like is the heavy emphasis Isagenix places on weight loss. It creates a conflict for me. So I choose to stick to my message, to be an example of how Isagenix products can support a healthy lifestyle for any body shape and size. When I share Isagenix with people, it’s to help them feel energized and vibrant, to help their bodies get the quality nutrition they need to be their best.

I’ve never been to an Isagenix conference before. Will I be surrounded by thousands of people who are representatives of diet culture? I suspect so, since that’s the majority of the population today. So why would this convention be any different.

But I’ll share my message. If I can open just a few minds to the dangers of dieting, I’ll have done my job.

I’m going to pack my Magic Bullet and my Isagenix shakes, bars and vitamins because they make me feel good and give me great energy. Something I’ll definitely need on this trip. And I’m going to have some fun.

Then after the conference, I’ll be spending a couple days in Sedona for a 1-day intensive with my coach followed by a 1-day mastermind. And I’ll get to check out what is supposed to be the brightest Perseid meteor shower ever (peaking on August 12).

When I get back, I’ll share my takeaways.