Keep Calm – The Holidays Are Coming!

I can’t believe it’s November already! Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us, then Christmas, then the New Year. Not to mention all the holiday parties. I already have a couple booked!

You know, I used to fear the holidays. I was afraid of being around the tempting foods and afraid of the inevitable weight gain. In fact, I even avoided holiday parties as much as I could.

Of course, the foods were tempting mainly because I was living in the diet world, a world of deprivation and sacrifice. So that’s what I did – deprived myself and sacrificed.

I’m so glad I’ve put that behind me!

You see, when you operate from a place of Food Freedom, there are no temptations. Food is just food. Some of it is delicious and some of it isn’t. Some of it makes me feel good and some of it doesn’t. I make the choices that support me in feeling the way I want to feel. And I certainly want to feel good during the holidays!

How about you?

Are you one of those people who’s already starting to worry, maybe even already planning your January diet?

Are you afraid to take a step towards a healthier you at this time of year because you believe the only path to health is through deprivation and sacrifice?

Is this really how you want to spend your holidays this year? And next year? And the next?

What if you could enjoy Food Freedom during the holidays?

You work so hard for everyone else. You spoil everyone else. You deserve someone to support you, someone to show you how to spoil yourself. Someone to partner with you on your path to freedom.

I would be honored to have a conversation with you to get you started. Just click this link to schedule a convenient time for us to connect on the phone. What have you got to lose?

But please, only schedule a time if you are really interested in making a change now. Not in January. But now.

You see, I’m not one of those health coaches who is planning to pitch a “special program” in January. Nope, I’m not going to be flooding your inbox with marketing emails. No need to save yourself for that “very special offer” where you need to “act now”. Why? Well, I’m much more interested in working with people who want to cultivate a healthy lifestyle all year round, not just in reaction to holiday over-indulgence.

The door is open, you decide if you are ready to step through. Just one simple phone call.

To  your freedom,



p.s., In case you haven’t been following me on social media, I just submitted the manuscript for my forthcoming book Food Fight: Ending the Struggle Once and For All. I wish I could say it would be available in time for the holidays, but alas. To stay informed of its progress, follow my Facebook page: Dawn MacLaughlin, Author.