SpongeBob meets Nutrisystem

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about what I do is this statistic:

80% of 10 year old American girls have been on a diet.

Think about it. 80% of young girls, at the age of 10, are already thinking their body is not right and needs to be changed, it needs to be made smaller – even though they are still growing!

I want to see this statistic change.

I know that when I help a woman create a positive body image and a peaceful, empowered relationship with food, I’m not just helping her. There’s a ripple effect. I’m also helping her daughter, her niece, her granddaughter, … because of the example she is now setting.

Nonetheless, sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. And I couldn’t help but be reminded of this sad statistic, given what I witnessed a few days ago.

A friend and her two daughters (age 6 and 8) were visiting my house. It was around 4pm. The girls were watching cartoons before dinner. SpongeBob SquarePants to be exact.

When on came … the Nutrisystem commercial:

“Lose 13 pounds and 7 inches in just 2 weeks so your life can be glorious just like this before/after example. Sign up today.”

With this kind of advertising during kids shows, is it a surprise that kids develop body image issues at an early age?

I mean, what are the marketers thinking?

This kind of exposure makes it even more important that we set a positive example for our kids to counteract the marketing they are exposed to. 

So what can you do?

Well, the best way to model a positive body image for our young ones is to actually have a positive body image yourself. 

And the first step towards having a positive body image (if you don’t now) is to break free of diet culture. 

You cannot have a positive body image if you are entrenched in diet culture, a culture which values only certain body shapes and sizes.

In fact, letting go of dieting is the focus of the second chapter of my book Food Fight! Ending the Struggle Once and for All. You can download the first two chapters for free at FreeGiftFromDawn.com.

If body image is an area where you struggle, and if you are interested in making a change, reach out to me. I can help.