Dr. Dawn MacLaughlin is an author, international speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Dawn MacLaughlin Coaching, a global coaching company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and leaders unlock their next level of expansive confidence, radiant energy, and vibrant health by freeing them from stress and anxiety around weight and health, permanently transforming their relationship to food, and helping them develop an unshakeable mindset.

Dawn is a sought after speaker who offers engaging, inspiring presentations and workshops for a variety of audiences, including leadership groups, professional women’s groups, and corporations looking to enhance employee productivity and wellness.

Speaking Topics Include…

  • The Ultimate Anti-Diet Plan for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
  • Master Your Mindset: How to Create More Powerfully in Every Area of Your Business and Life
  • How to Win The Food Fight and Never Diet Again
  • Mind-Body Nutrition: The Yoga of Eating
  • Embracing Emotional Eating
  • Stress: The #1 Health Threat You’re Not Taking Seriously and What You Can Do About It


Books and Articles

MacLaughlin, Dawn (2017). Food Fight! Ending the Struggle Once and For All!

Medium.com: Women – It’s Time to Step Outside the Prison, 3/17/2019.

The Wellness Universe: 5 Strategies for Creating More Time, 9/25/2017

Elephant Journal: Taming our Inner Midnight-Eating Beasts, 8/24/2017

The Wellness Universe: 30 Tips to Achieve the Health You Desire, 7/27/2017

PersonalGrowth.com: 3 Secrets for Managing Hunger and Cravings (that have nothing to do with what you eat), August, 2017

Mind Body Green: How I Finally Healed from Binge Eating, February 2017.

24 Live: Your Year of Nutrition in Review, 12/1/2017 [Contributor]

Curos: 16 Morning Rituals of Super Successful People, 7/17/2017  [Contributor]

Diabetes Council: Experts Share Live-changing Tips and Strategies to Stop Binge Eating [Contributor]


Sample Video, Radio, Podcast Appearances

Revenue Generating Hour Podcast, 1/9/2019

RoseDale Conversations, 10/29/2018

Thriver Lifestyle podcast, Feb 22, 2018

Get Honeycutt Show, Episode 35

Get Honeycutt Show, Episode 26

Dr. Jaime Show, 10/2/2017

The Food Freedom Coach, Live and Raw Interview Series:

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