Does this sound like you?

You’re tired of struggling with food and body and are ready to make peace, once and for all.

You feel you’ve tried practically everything, but you still aren’t enjoying the health and well-being that you know is available to you.

You don't want to count another calorie, point, or macronutrient gram ever again!

You’re ready to explore how your relationship with food and body is impacted by other areas of your life.

You recognize how much energy the struggle has stolen from you, and from your loved ones.

You’d rather use that energy to fully express yourself and share your gifts with the world!

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My approach is unique in that it combines Linguistics and Masterful Transformational Coaching with cutting-edge techniques from the powerful new fields of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology to address not only the “what” of eating, but also the “how”, “when”, “who” and “why”.

Transformational Coaching


Transformational coaching at the mastery level facilitates change not just at the level of behavior, but at the level of belief and identity. By changing what you believe about yourself and how you identify yourself, you become different without having to remember to be different. You get to create the experiences and quality of life that you want, rather than just responding to life as it seems to be.

What does linguistics have to do with health? Everything! The language you use can perpetuate the very behaviors you want to change, leading to sabotage, frustration, and that feeling of stuckness. Using my knowledge of the relationship between linguistic form and belief, I can help you shift your mindset and your actions by shifting your language.

Mind Body Nutrition

Dynamic Eating Psychology

Advances the practice of clinical nutrition by exploring the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health. Simply put, what we eat is only part of the story. The other part is who we are as eaters. Mind Body Nutrition offers practical and results-oriented strategies for the most commonly seen eating challenges and health issues of our times.

A positive, empowering approach that sees our challenges with eating, weight and health not as an indication that we’re broken, but as a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve. It affirms that our relationship with food has important lessons to teach us. And it recognizes that our challenges with eating, weight and health are intimately connected to other primary life dimensions – relationship, family, work, sexuality, our search for meaning and fulfillment, and so much more.

I don’t see your food challenges as a sign that “something is wrong with you” – but as a place where we can more fully explore some of the personal dimensions in life that impact food, weight and health. In other words, instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for growth and self-improvement. I look to support you with coaching strategies and nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable, and that yield results.

There’s a reason that my programs are really effective, while others are not. My programs get the best results in the shortest period of time because they include three important elements:

The Right System

This means meeting you where you’re at and guiding you to take the right steps in the right order, all the time taking into account your unique individuality, personal preferences, and lifestyle so that we create lasting change. In other words, my programs are not cookie-cutter but are customized just for YOU.

The Right Support

As your coach, I’ll be there to encourage you when you’re feeling stuck and cheer you on as you learn to fly. I’ll be that person who understands your challenge (because she’s been there), knows the pitfalls and stumbles, and has the knowledge and experience to guide you on your journey. I will support you by creating a safe space where you can truly express yourself without judgment, perhaps in a way you have never been able to before.

The Right Accountability

Accountability means holding you to your word. It also means giving you that friendly kick in the butt if you fall off track. As your coach, I will always hold you as being completely capable of achieving your goals.

I work with clients all over the world through my virtual practice – sessions are conducted by phone or video conference – client’s choice. One of my core desires, and what I want my clients to feel and achieve, is freedom. By having a virtual practice, I have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, and I get to share that gift with my clients.

Benefits of virtual coaching include:

The comforts of being coached in the surroundings of your choice – home, office, or other. You choose a quiet, relaxed place where you will not be disturbed. Yes, you can be coached while in your PJ’s!

No wasted time traveling back and forth between sessions, no getting stuck in traffic – and then arriving to your session loaded up with “traffic stress”, no battling the weather. You eliminate these excuses so you can show up for yourself fully, ready for change!

A greater sense of privacy and anonymity, which can lead to deeper, more profound change.

Research shows that phone coaching is equally effective as face-to-face coaching. In fact, for some clients, virtual coaching can be a more effective option, as it offers a greater sense of privacy and anonymity, which may lead to an increasing amount of personal self-disclosure. So if you have been holding off working with a coach because of distance or time constraints, no need!

Not sure which is right for you?

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During the consultation, we’ll explore where you are feeling stuck and whether we are a good match to work together. If so, we’ll build a custom program just for you! But coaching is not right for everybody, and I only work with clients where I feel there is a good fit.

I fully commit to each and every client I take on, and I only take a limited number of clients at one time.